Lets get back in SHAPE by burning calories, building muscle, and sculpting that body that you have always wanted. We will help you establish weekly goals and motivate you to build on all of your success.


TONE and tighten those problem areas with the help of our Certified Personal Trainers. We educate each client on how to effectively address any health and fitness concern they have while motivating them to reach all wellness goals.


"Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail." Goals are hard to ACHIEVE without being dedicated to a successful plan. RE START Fitness has a highly educated staff that will customize a success plan for each client based off of their personal goals and wellness needs.


‚ÄčThere's always one more REP. We want to motivate each client to push for that last REP, plus one more. Let us be your health and wellness coach, there to inspire you while motivating yo to be your best.


TRAIN with a passion, a passion for your own life. I preach to my clients that "Health is Wealth" so train your body and mind to be as strong as possible and you will find all other aspects of your life will be that much richer.



3-Month Plan


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